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During the 19th century, Sir Francis Galton coined the term eugenics to refer to the science of breeding better human species. This practice was used on African Americans for hundreds of years while they were enslaved, as it was common for plantation owners to purposefully select and breed for “better” traits within their slave property. This practice, however, would inadvertently create a superhuman melagene, which would lie dormant in the descendants of these victims for generations.


In 1932, the Public Health Service worked with the Tuskegee Institute to conduct a non-consensual, deadly study on African Americans called the “Tuskegee Study of Untreated Syphilis in The Negro Male”, a study that went on for 40 years where these men were given the syphilis disease and were left untreated to be observed as it killed them. They conducted these experiments while also knowing that there was no known treatment at the time-- instead, these men were given placebos. The government kept secret, though, that many of the placebos used in this experiment contained harmful mutagens. These mutagens would eventually activate the dormant melagene of their African American descendants.


With the spread of the syphilis disease in the African American community, the activation of this superhuman gene would follow. This, plus the extreme environments of America's inner cities due to lack of attention and resources (such as air pollution, water pollution, and noise pollution) would combine to give African Americans abilities tailored to their traumatic experiences. Upon discovery, the government would try their best to hide mutant appearances. This often included running fake news stories, covering their sightings as natural disasters or extraterrestrial appearances; eventually pouring drugs into the African American communities in order to explain their unique abilities as side effects to harmful and addictive drugs (amphetamine abuse, meth, bath salts, psychedelics, PCP, etc.).

In 1966, the revolutionary Black Panther Party was founded to protect the African American community from police brutality. Around the same time, the Gangster Disciples were established in Chicago, Illinois for a similar purpose. But what most do not know is that a 3rd party formed around this time as well: The Gnostics, a secret mutant coalition dedicated to sustaining their kind while also protecting its communities by assisting the aboveground organizations.

Black Panthers.jpeg

In response, the FBI launched in the mid-60s a secret subbranch of their COINTELPRO program called the Compass, which was specifically designated to capture mutant members of the Gnostics group. The Compass still exists to this day, even after the termination of COINTELPRO. Once captured, the mutants would disappear for good. Eventually, the Gnostics would adopt the code name of “Ghosts” for their complex underground organization, methods of secrecy, and strange disappearances.

In the early 70s, all across the nation, treaties were formed between local gangs, Black Panther Party chapters, and Gnostic chapters. Following the dissolution of many Black Panther Party chapters and the relocation of the national HQ to Oakland, many of these treaties were severed, leaving only the treaties within the midwest intact.


In 1971, a top-secret summit was held between the leaders of the Chicago’s Black Gangster Disciples, the Chicago Gnostic group and midwest leaders, and the newly formed Black Liberation Army. They met with the hope of moving forward with a fresh new agreement and revolutionary trajectory for the black community. The meeting was busted by Compass agents. Due to the sacrifice of many Ghosts on that day, a handful of leaders made it out, including Eldridge Cleaver and Larry Hoover. Unfortunately, the relationships between the three groups were strained when attendees began to point fingers at each other for leaking information about the confidential summit.


During this period, many of the Ghosts served as security to our civil rights leaders; some would follow a different creed and go on to head various gangs around America while others would serve as freelance hitmen or private protection. However, the one thing they all have in common is that they are a hunted people.

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