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Nia Knight's best friend has been kidnapped, brainwashed, and trafficked along the streets of Columbus, OH by her mystery John. It is up to Nia to infiltrate the operation, expose the John, and save her friend before it's too late. Luckily, this African-American teenage wonder possesses supernatural abilities that can make her a human weapon.

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Hello! We are Julien (20) and Justen (15)-- The Turner Brothers.


Off the top of your head, how many African American female super heroes can you think of? How many vigilantes? How many African American females have led an action film?


Being big fans of comic superhero folklore, my brother and I were tired of the same ole narrative when it came to super-powered fantasies. And so we thought how awesome would it be to have a kick-butt super-powered African American female fighting against an enemy that the film industry seems to focus very little on-- human trafficking.


Human trafficking is on the rise in our nation and can be found in almost every community. So we want to create an entertaining short film as well as shine a light on this modern-day form of slavery that is sadly taking place around us everyday.


So imagine this.


A young black girl name Nia Knight gets off the bus after school to walk home and begins to sense that she’s being followed. It turns out that her suspicion is correct when she observes a black SUV prowling the streets as she and her gullible and naive white best friend Maggie make their way home.


Flash forward to the end of her senior year in high school and a seemingly drunk Nia is approached by Maggie at a nightspot, but this time it is different. They have not seen each other in quite a while, and Maggie is acting unusual and appears to be hiding something. After catching up on lost time, Maggie offers to take Nia home, but indicates that she must stop by her place first. Upon arriving at Maggie’s, we are introduced to a disturbed mystery man who rants to NIa about love as she appears to pass out on the couch.


Flash back. After being followed by the black SUV in the prior month, young Nia and Maggie are in class where they are visited by local police officers. One white police officer by the name of Officer Blake stands out among the others because his large intimidating stature fills the room and he makes a point to assure the students that the officers are there to serve and protect because they love them.


Later that day, Nia encounters a group of young boys outside of her home who bullies and teases her with her own beloved teddy bear. At this point, we are introduced to Mike a young burly black male who is a neighbor and family friend. Mike frightens the boys off and subsequently learns as he attempts to show Nia how to protect herself, that Nia has special abilities that she has been hiding. Specifically, she can manipulate pressure in a way that allows her to form a high-pressured exoskeleton around certain parts of her body, which amplifies the impact of her punches, blows, and kicks. Nia is also able to perform limited telekinetic actions.  Likewise, to young NIa’s surprise, she finds out that Mike also has special supernatural skills. They soon bond and form a teacher-student relationship.


Flash forward. After last seeing Nia passed out on the couch, we now find her handcuffed to a metal bar in a barren, dirty bedroom. Suddenly, her eyes flash open bright and alert as she hears approaching footsteps. Heath, a young white male with a distinct scar on his face bursts into the room to find the room empty and the handcuffs on the bar broken. The door shuts behind him to reveal Nia. And fists glowing, NIa slams Heath against the wall . “Where is Maggie?” she demands. It is now clear that Nia has infiltrated a human trafficking operation and has been pretending all along. She subsequently finds a barely conscious Maggie in a separate room. It is apparent that Maggie has been drugged by her John.


Flash back. Young NIa and Maggie argue at a classmate’s house over a broken school project. NIa accuses Maggie of breaking the project. An easily persuaded Maggie takes the blame and agrees to fix it. While walking back home by herself, Maggie sees the same black SUV that Nia spied months before. She becomes frightened and runs. This time, the SUV pulls over and several men jump out and pursue her. Soon thereafter, she is grabbed from behind by a man who she struggles with and ultimately leaves a memorable scar. It’s Heath. Fortunately  for her, a police cruiser is nearby to stop the abduction in progress. Moreover, Maggie finds comfort in recognizing a familiar figure coming to her rescue-- Officer Blake.


Flash forward. Using Heath as a shield and guide through John’s house, NIa runs into the other men who years before took part in Maggie’s attempted abduction. NIa then drops Heath to the ground and commences to whip butt. After fighting off 4 men in an epic brawl, a familiar voice—that is the John--calls out to her. As the John continues to call out to Nia, she searches anxiously throughout the house to locate him. Nia freezes as she hears the cock of the gun pointed at the back of her head, and behind her stands Officer Blake.


He’s been plotting the whole time. He was there years ago at the bus stop. He was there the night at the club. He was there to trick Maggie to feeling safe in his arms. And now he’s here to add Nia to his roster. Nia quickly spins around and knocks the gun out of his hands. A final battle ensues as the combat-trained, bulletproof protect, baton-wielding police officer brawls with the Pressure Princess Nia Knight. The battle comes to a draw and both characters end up diving for the gun that lays on the ground beside them. But before either one of them can reach for the gun---


Maggies picks it up…Now Maggie is forced to make a decision. Does she shoot the man she has come to see as a provider and protector? The man who says he loves her. Or her best friend whose kept her powers secret from her. And could be keeping many more. Nia and Officer Blake plead their cases back and forth fervently until Maggie snaps and pulls the trigger.  She shoots—Nia.


Officer Blake now embraces an emotionally torn Maggie to assure her in her decision.  As Nia lies limp on the ground, a bullet floats above her head shrouded in a sphere of concentrated pressure. Nia is still alive. Nia stands up while Officer Blake is distracted and approaches him from behind. She grabs Officer Blake by the shoulder and lands a knockout blow under his chin. Maggie is safe. Nia is safe. And moments later, police arrive to take over the scene. The end.

We hope that our summary above intrigues you enough to want to now read the full script. Further, we hope that our story is compelling enough that you will want to partner with us in getting it to the silver screen. 



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