Club Alli (2020)

Produced by Beats By Dre

Short Film

Sci-Fi / Action

In an alternate universe, a viral pandemic leads to the wealthy altering their DNA to become an immune humanoid species of bird known as the Vocals. These Vocals live among a human working-class known as the Mutes who wear masks to survive-- masks that also restrict their freedom of speech to the confines of their private property. Once a month, a secret meeting of the most powerful of the Vocals is held at Club Alli, the largest nightclub in the sector. This month, however, an unknown foster family of Mutes has a different agenda in mind.

Nia's Shadow (2020)

Short Film

Sci-Fi / Drama

An inner city's polluted conditions awaken within some young residents a dormant superhuman gene produced by eugenics during slavery (the practice of selective breeding to improve the genetic composition of their ancestors). Now, one woman must confront her friend who chooses to use his powers for wrong.

Pseudo (2017)

Short Film

Drama / Commentary

In the wake of the Alton Sterling case ruling, it is important that we try our hand at empathy as a society. But to see through the eyes of another requires each one of us to challenge what we have been conditioned to see. Do you see what I see?

Foreshadow (2016)

Short Film

Sci-Fi / Action

Dominic Whitman, a young black man gifted with the supernatural ability to see into the immediate future, has been holding back since he was a child. After witnessing the shooting of a loved one, he vows to one day be able to fight back against gangs that have plagued his community. That day has come and a young urban vigilante is born.

Pure Imagination (2019)

Adidas Internal Campaign Ad


Julien was given the responsibility to create the internal 1:30 AdidasPDX #BestPlaceToWork campaign internal ad for the summer of 2019.

Sesame Street (2017/2018)

Short Films

Educational / Childrens

The Turner Brothers wrote and directed short films for Sesame Street Seasons 50 and 51.

Back-To-School (2017)

Amazon Fire Stick Commercial

Rap Song

Julien was one of four students selected to represent Amazon in their Back-To-School/Off-To-College social media campaign. The brothers were hired to create personalized HBCU product list and produce social ad content to reach HBCU audience.

iWitness Christmas (2014)

Short Film

Adventure / Children

An extra credit assignment has never been so adventurous. Watch as Justen and his buddy Jacob take on a challenge and experience the perils of Christmas curiosity.