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For those of you unfamiliar with the tradition, the goal of this video is to celebrate your daughter with humor as she graduates!

Since this year we won't be able to have the tradition of singing to our daughters (while wearing a baseball cap of the college they are attending next year) at the father-daughter weekend, we're going to do it with a social media video instead!

Do you remember the dance move your daughter tried to get you to learn a few months ago? Have you ever got caught singing in the shower? Or
have you ever got caught singing to yourself in the bathroom? How much energy can you bring while singing in the car? Well, let’s surprise her and
her fellow graduates with what they all want—a show of unabashed love and adoration!


Find her old dolls or teddy bears, or even try to ride on her old pink bicycle. You can even get creative and make a sign that celebrates your daughter’s graduation and dance on the neighborhood street corner like a sign twirler! You can do this all while lip-syncing the first half of “Break My Stride” by Matthew Wilder. Check out the song and lyrics at the link below. If you are uncomfortable doing that, check out other ways below that you can get in on the fun!

Examples include (from simplest to most creative):

1. Wear your daughter's 2020 college ballcap and say, "Good luck at college name. I love you."

2. If you'd rather not speak, hold up a sign or prop and just say whatever you like in 10 seconds.

3. Film a few seconds of yourself singing some of the lyrics to the classic song, Break my Stride. We can help you. Text 650-533-7008.

4. Film a full video of you singing and dancing for your daughter.


We’ll compile them into a 1- to 1-1/2 minute video to help celebrate and encourage your 2020 graduate in a time such as this!

Ready to start filming? Click on the link below to get the lyrics, check out the related video, and to find out how to upload your video.


Please try to get your video file to us by this Wednesday, May 27. You can do it! 

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