Assistant Director

The assistant director will work with both the production manager and the director to make the shooting schedule efficient as possible. This person will also assist in directing the background extras in each movie scene.



Love Themed

Artwork inspired by love. How do you interpret love? How is love good? How can love be bad? Love can have different meanings for different people. Send us your best visual of love. We are looking for diverse interpretations. 

Hispanic Themed

What can you tell people about your culture just by imagery? What are misconceptions about the Hispanic/Latino household? Is there imagery that can almost be found in every household?

Classical Themed

Modern interpretations of classic artists and artwork (e.g., Van Gogh, Picasso, etc.). If they were alive today, what would they create?

African American Themed

Is there a message that you'd like to get across with your artwork as an African American? Is there a piece of artwork that you feel is a classic in this community?

Jungle Themed

Animals! Send us your coolest, deepest, predator artwork you've got!

Camera Operator(s)

The camera operator will be expected to physically control and operate the camera during filming, under the direction of the Director of Photography. The camera operator will work closely with the directors as well. The camera operator controls the shot’s framing, and the camera movements as instructed.

Lighting Technician

The lighting technician will be responsible for developing a lighting plan according to the desires of the Director of Photography. This person is in charge of creating the best possible lighting scenario according to the camera framing. S/he informs the key grips on where lights are to be placed.

Visual FX Artist(s)

Using computerized technology, the visual effects artists will be responsible for creating animations and special effects for several of the film's characters and scenes as well as fixing up details for the film.

Special FX


The special effects coordinator will be responsible for designing and supervising the various effects needed for filming through the use of mechanical and/or optical illusion techniques. His/her responsibilities will include coordinating with the visual fx artists, stunt coordinator, and fight choreographer to ensure that proper visual elements are in place for all film shots that require special effects. S/he will also provide the proper visual elements needed such as re-creating weather elements or assisting with props that break, shatter, collapse, burn, smoke or explode. S/he will provide and manage the special mechanical rigging that allows you to fly an actor.

Boom Operator

The boom operator will be responsible for properly positioning the microphone boom pole during the actual filming. The boom operator is the assistant to the sound mixer. Many times the boom operator will be required to hold the boom pole for several minutes at a time, which can be physically demanding. The boom operator must also be able to follow the actors' movements while staying clear of the camera and lights.

Sound Mixer

The sound mixer is the head of the sound department and is responsible for the leveling, monitoring, and recording of audio during production. The sound mixer will decide which microphones to use as well as the placements of the microphones. This person will also be required to mix the various audio signals in real time. S/he or will be responsible for supervising the boom operator.

Film Composer

The film composer will be responsible for scoring the music to accompany the film. 

Fight Choreographer

The fight choreographer will be responsible for creating and directing the combat sequences for the film. S/he will instruct the actors and directors using realistic, historically accurate fighting styles for the production, while ensuring the safety of the crew during simulated fight scenes. S/he will also be required to coordinate the fight scenes with the stunt coordinator, and special fx coordinator to ensure that visual elements are properly considered in all fight scenes that require special effects.

Stunt Coordinator

The stunt coordinator will be responsible for managing and coordinating all of the the dangerous action sequences in the film that require the stunt performers. The stunt coordinator will be expected to to ensure that every stunt performer adheres to all of the appropriate safety regulations during filming.

Production Designer

The production designer is the head of the film's art department and will be responsible for the design and construction of the movie set. S/he will be responsible for constructing the “look” and “feel” of the movie by determining the scenery and props for the film. She will work with the artists and provide direction to the prop master and graphics artist.

Prop Master

The prop master will be responsible for acquiring, organizing, and maintaining all  of the various props needed for the production. This includes many items like guns, knives, books, phones, dish-ware, food, musical instruments, small electronics, pets and any other item that needs to be present to fulfill the story line. S/he will also work with the graphic artist where needed.

Make-up Artist

The makeup artist’s main responsibility will be to apply and create a variety of looks on the actors and actresses skin surfaces with makeup, from current trends to classic or period pieces. The makeup artist will be expected to create each character's look according to the director’s desires. Gore and blood, burns, and aging special effects are some effects that may be needed during production.

Costume Designer

The costume designer will be responsible for making decisions on which wardrobes and costumes actors will wear based on the script requirements and character portrayals. S/he will be expected to create or choose various clothing patterns, designs, colors, sizes and accessories for each wardrobe used during production. Further, s/he will be responsible for acquiring, organizing, and maintaining all of the wardrobe needed for the production.


The photographer will be responsible for taking still photographs and  documenting the behind-the-scenes making of the production. S/he will also be responsible for photographing the images used for marketing purposes.


The videographer will be responsible for creating the video that essentially documents the behind-the-scenes making of the movie. This video will typically not be used in the final version of the film. It will be primarily used for documentation purposes.

Storyboard Artist

The storyboard artist will be responsible for creating a series of illustrations and sketches based on the director’s vision during pre-production. Each sketch will represent a different camera set-up. These drawings will be expected to include camera angles, characters and set design. The illustrations will be  used to assist the other  department heads in understanding their tasks.

Graphic Artist

The graphic artist will be responsible in producing all of the props that contain graphic (written) items, e.g. money, newspapers, magazines, handwritten or typed letters, musical scores, books, maps, shop signage, menus, credit cards, passports, etc. They will work closely with the Production Designer and Props Master.


Grips essentially “shape the light.” That is, these crew members are expected to create pattern and shadow effects by coloring light, diffusing light, and/or blocking light. Grips will be expected to support everything that is built around the lights to create the quality of light that the lighting technician (aka gaffer) desires. They are also expected to manage any special rigging and ensure that safety measures are maintained on set related to the equipment.


Volunteers will serve as assistants to the Grips and/or Lighting Technician (Gaffer). They will be the righthand men and women to the heads of the departments. Their job will be varied and include administrative and technical assistance, as well as working with other production departments and acting as the day-to-day representative for that department to the rest of the production crew.