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Page dedicated to the financial supporters of film projects produced and directed by the Turner Brothers

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Nia's Shadow

Short Film (2019)
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Festival submissions

Join our village  by giving a tax-deductible donation through our sponsor Fractured Atlas! No donation is too small!

A young woman with superhuman powers confronts a childhood friend who chooses to use his powers for wrong.

What if the practice of eugenics (the practice of selective breeding to improve genetic composition) during slavery produces a superhuman gene that stays dormant for generations? What if current extremes in the environments of America's inner cities, due to lack of attention and resources (such as air pollution, water pollution, and noise pollution) now activate these dormant genes?

This short film will serve to introduce the world to this universe and to the lead character Nia Knight. We, the Turner Brothers, hope for this short to build an audience following that will look forward with great anticipation and support the upcoming Nia Knight feature film that we seek to shoot soon.

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behind the scenes

Anonymous (22)

Landon & Khadija Adams

DMetria Alston

Timothy Alston

Sylvia Ardis

Jocelyn Armstrong

Candice Autry

Ben Baptist

Drucilla Bean

Robert Bennett III

Gayle Berry

Carl & Melody Bogan

Novona Byrdsong

Lisa Carter

Delores Chavis

Dr. Larine Cowan

Michele Crawley

Joycelyn Cromartie

Dr. Joe Cross

Nikki Darden

Rev. Harold Davis &

Dr. Ollie Watts-Davis

Andre Des Rochers

Thomas Diggs

Janie Dukes*

Dr. Tracy Dumas

Ramona Dunlap

Al & Kim Edmondson

Greg & Lauren El*

Garthell & Gail Elkins

Dr. Annie Farrell

Cynthia Gardere

Ivan Gaskin*

Chad Gill

Christina Grice

Vernon Hairston

Jamie & Felicia Hence

James & Amber Hill

Thad & Celia Hopkins*

Godwin Igwebuike

Arianna Howard

Matt Huland

Valencia Ingram

Damiso & April Johnson

Dameon & Dr. Heather Jones

Silas Jones

Rodney & Lavinna King

Tony & Gaea King

Ralph & Ceesha Lofton

Aliecia McClain

Natalie McClain

Raekwon McMillan*

Michele McTeague

Bernie Milano

Phyllis Miller

Brian Mittendorf

Nancy Montgomery

Herman Moultrie

Annie Mumpower

Tonya Nelson

Ulysses & Shirley Nicholson

Christian Nwachukwu

Kevin Parker

Henry & Barbara Pinner

Royce & Martha Pinner

Dr. William & Pamela Qualls

DeWayne Reed

Dr. Andrea Roberts

Drs. Milton & Merlyn Ruffin

Kelli & Blaze Saksa

Eddie & LaToya Sands

Marjorie Savoie

Reggie Sergile*

Zina Thomas

Sheila Thomas-Jackson

Dr. Derrick Tillman-Kelly

Donna Turner

Kevin & Cynthia Turner

Paulette Turner-Coleman

Dr. Catherine Usoff

Tami Van Tassell

Marci Truex

Edward Ward

Kaylin Ward

Louise West*

Kirk Whalum

John White

Dr. Khalid White

Addie Williams

Clinton & Kimberly Williams

Dr. Chandra Williams

Dr. Frances Williams*

Rev. Franklin &

Mary Williams

Jeffrey & Gwen Wright

*Executive Producers

the village

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Thanks to the incredible support of our village, we have wrapped up the post-production of NIA'S SHADOW, and we have started making submissions to film festivals. Further, we are thrilled to share that our executive producer list has expanded to now include Louise West, Raekwon McMillan, Greg & Lauren El, Ivan Gaskin, Thad & Celia Hopkins, Dr. Frances Williams, Janie Dukes, and Reggie "Conceited" Sergile. We are extremely grateful. We can't wait for everyone to check out our project! We have the best and brightest talent anywhere, from LA actress Quartay Denaya, and American Black Film Festival (ABFF) 2012 Star Project recipient Robert Hunter to Rapper & Wild-N-Out personality Conceited The Rapper, and young up-and-coming star London Arrington (who currently plays young Cookie on Fox's Empire), among others.  Our amazing production crew included Tyler Clark, Luke De Jeu, and Matt Hayes, who have film credits that range from Captain America to Aftermath


We are equally excited about the members of our post-production crew who added their magic to our project. We connected with some amazing visual effects artists (the folks who create the cool visual effects you see in every blockbuster action and sci-fi movie) who have film credits that include Wonder Woman, The Martian, G.I. Joe, Fantastic Four, Thor, among others. Singer-songwriter-producer extraordinaire John Stoddart who has worked with Grammy greats such as Celine Dion, Al Jarreau, and Kirk Whalum, produced the intro soundtrack! 

To date, NIA'S SHADOW has been accepted to eight  (8) film festivals:

  • 2019 San Franciso Black Film Festival

    • San Francisco, CA (June 2019)

  • 2019 National Black Theatre Film Festival

    • Winston-Salem, NC (July 2019)

  • 2019 Columbus Black International Film Festival

    • Columbus, OH (August 2019)

  • 2019 Greater Cleveland Urban Film Festival

    • Cleveland, OH (September 2019)

  • 2019 Urban Mediamakers Film Festival

    • Atlanta, GA (October 2019)

  • 2019 Morehouse College Human Rights Film Festival

    • Atlanta, GA (October 2019)

  • 2019 International Black Film Festival

    • Nashville, TN (October 2019)

  • 2020 Hollyshorts Monthy Screenings Series

    • Hollywood, CA (Date TBD)​


And guess what? it is still not too late to join our village and help us reach our $50,000 goal so that every aspect of this project is carried out with excellence! We still have to market and get the project in front of industry insiders via film festivals and the like. We have partnered with 501(c)3 organization Fractured Atlas, and through its fiscal sponsorship, your donation is TAX-DEDUCTIBLE. No matter how small, EVERY contribution helps us reach our mark!


Become part of our Dreadhead Films Village and be recognized here and in the film credits. 


Your support will help us contend for the big awards this year and make a difference with this project! Donate to our project at Fractured Atlas today!

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Nia (Interview)

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Young Nia (Interview)

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Nia's Mom




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Big Ben




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Young Micah

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Micah's Dad

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Nikki Darden
Janie Dukes
Amy Eaton
Dorinda Ellis
Darryl Goodwin
Thad & Celia Hopkins
Tony King
Jimmy McCutcheon
Dianne McLinn
Novella Nelson (deceased)
Tonya Nelson
Sandy Pinner
Penny Robinson
Pamela Schell
Elon & Wynette Sims
Arnie Smotherman
Terrance & Regina Stevenson
Donna Turner
Kevin & Cynthia Turner
Al & Sheila Williams
Dr. Chandra Williams
Clinton & Kimberly Williams
Dr. Frances Williams
Rev. F.R. & Mary Williams
*And everyone to date who has purchased Dreadhead Films apparel; every person who has selflessly donated his/her services, skills, and talents; and every entity that has allowed us to freely use its facility/venue in support of our projects.
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