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What a year we had in 2019! An extra credit biology video assignment posted at the end of 2017 landed us in the New York Times in January of 2018, and it now has over 20 million views across all social media platforms and counting! Further, this video is being used in science programs across the country. We are thankful! 


We are also super excited that our work can now be seen on both HBO and PBS as a part of the 49th and 50th seasons of Sesame Street. We are honored to be one of the youngest filmmakers to be afforded the opportunity to do so!

Further, we spent most of 2019 working towards finishing up our short film NIA'S SHADOW, which introduces our superhero main character of our passion feature film project NIA KNIGHT and her universe. We decided to first produce the short film in order to show potential investors what we can do as both creators and directors.  We are excited that NIA'S SHADOW has to date been selected to screen at eight international film festivals. Check out our progress at The Village link

In addition, we are honored and thrilled to have been invited to speak at the inaugural TEDxMorehouse TED Talk in April 2020 and share our story. We have some more projects cooking and we excitedly look forward to what 2020 will hold for Dreadhead Films! We thank all of you in our village who have invested tangibly in our vision and mission. We hope to make you proud. Let's go! 

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